With Their Company Tier One Services, Campbell And

His CPA/CGMA Wife/Partner Jaime Find Sweet Spot

Between Growth Possibilities/Financial Strategies and

Management Accounting Services


In his years with the intriguing title of Cryptologic Technician for the U.S. Navy, David Campbell, among other duties, performed hardware and software isolation and repair of state of the art electronic, computer and network equipment and calibrated and repaired a wide variety of precision electronic test equipment.

The multi-talented Kingston, Jamaica born, Portland Oregon raised, Florida based visionary thought that when he left the service, his experience would lead to a solid career in IT. But after a huge staff reduction at, where he helped launch the Technical Services Department and developed his expertise in both technical services and strategic support, he made the life-changing decision to invest in his own personal development.

The powerful connection Campbell made with a global personal development company in New York City (attending programs designed to help people “redefine what’s possible”) was the revolutionary spark he needed to hone his passion to help people and take his life and career to the next level. More importantly, working his way towards being a coach with the company, he began making a transformative difference in cultivating the dreams of everyone from business people to recording artists – and helping them strategize how to achieve them.

Campbell provided small group coaching for a team of entrepreneurs and community leaders to equip them with tools to create community and produce extraordinary performance breakthroughs. “The program is responsible for 100,000 community service projects around the world, including the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure,” he says. While volunteering at the organization, Campbell purposed to help veterans, like himself, redefine their roles in the workforce and in their communities at large. He realized that military men and women needed networking support if they were to gain traction in the workforce. Campbell committed to providing the business support they needed to redefine their roles in the business world.

After much training, he stepped up to provide private coaching for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. He independently coached professionals like fine artist Colleen Blackard who was able to accomplish her five-year goal in one year.

As part of his effort to positively impact the lives of veterans, he moved on to strategic advisory services.

He wanted to transform the economic prosperity of the nation by giving businesses the foundation and systems they need to create jobs in the communities they serve. This vision is what motivated Campbell to create Tier One Services, a growing fractional CFO services consultancy on the East coast.

It was the beginning of one of those great American success stories – a path that ultimately led him to launch the multi-faceted firm driven by Campbell’s powerful and empowering dedication to mastering strategies that transform the lives and businesses of both entrepreneurs and other business people. A skilled problem solver, entrepreneur and Future Scenario Strategist, his purpose and mission is to cultivate sustainable businesses that are committed to honoring the dignity of all living things.

Hallmarked by vision, ingenuity and an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, Campbell’s outside the box thinking leads to outside-the-box results. He has created a unique people-first approach that helps individuals and organizations unleash their inner potential through the development of business growth strategies. He actively cultivates a corporate culture that uniquely prizes the client.

Through Tier One, Campbell offers his clients strategic advisory services and management accounting. The original mission of Tier One was to serve the underserved, providing strategic and tactical management services to businesses that need it the most.

In building this firm into a full service business powerhouse, Campbell – whose degree from Rutgers University was in information technology and informatics – drew on his experience in the Navy, where he learned the invaluable role strategy and tactics play in the creation of success. He has become a creative catalyst helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their ventures, increase efficiency, and spur growth for business owners ready to take their vision to the next level. He is dedicated to the goals of his clients, whether that means peace of mind, financial abundance, operational freedom, or a mix of all those outcomes.

Through Tier One, Campbell offers his clients strategic advisory services and management accounting. The original mission of Tier One was to serve the underserved, providing strategic and tactical management services to businesses that need it the most.

Among the company’s “sweet spots” are deep analytics, financial modeling and strategy for the purpose of business growth, investment capital acquisition, preparation for sale, and post-merger integration.

Once Campbell’s wife Jaime, an experienced MBA, CPA and CGMA with 12 years of accounting experience, came on board in 2013, the company diversified to provide management accounting services, controllership, customized business solutions and service as a client’s economically efficient “outsourced CFO.” A CPA-list accountant working for a prominent firm in New Jersey when her husband launched Tier One, she was impressed by Campbell’s early success and quickly wanted in. The initial plan was for her to serve as CFO – but her role organically developed to the point where the company could offer her “in house CFO” services for outside small businesses, analytical insights and QuickBooks bookkeeping and consulting. While Campbell helped business owners think abstractly, Jaime complemented him by helping clients go deeper with forecasting, budgeting, analytics and system improvements.

Together, with Campbell’s strategic management insight and Jaime’s forward-looking financial services, Tier One Services offers its clients world-class expertise and is now able to meet the needs of an entirely different class of clientele. Their branding philosophy: “We are what a business partner should be. Your path to profit.”

Campbell began developing his expertise as a business strategist, partnering with owners and entrepreneurs to facilitate paths to success and leadership. Without abandoning its original altruistic mission to serve veterans and women entrepreneurs, Tier One now focuses on the clients it serves best. Whether that’s providing independence solutions to audit firms or partnering with corporate attorneys, private equity, and venture capital companies, Campbell and Jaime are committed to the success of every organization.

As a Future Scenario Strategist, Campbell is focused on one central tenet: mastery brings freedom and opportunity. From his time in the Navy to his work with veterans and independent entrepreneurs to his role as CEO of Tier One Services, his career has been a reflection of the truth that every person connected to Tier One Services is treated to a premier experience as a person of prestige worthy of dignity and respect.

“My founding vision was based on my experience of helping transform the economic prosperity of the communities I had been serving as an independent resource,” says Campbell. “Likewise, I was humbled by the results I had achieved for those who worked with me privately and had gotten a great sense of what people wanted out of their lives and all of the things I could offer them to help get them there. Working with them extemporaneously, I could deliver value and help them start businesses. All supported by extensive research to ensure we devised and implemented the strategies they needed.”

As his website bio puts it, Campbell “is known for helping his clients see their businesses and growth possibilities in an entire new light.” His strong leadership and communication skills make him a natural coach, but he prefers to see his role as one of leadership rather than simply encouragement. He presents the following metaphor as an example of his thought process in facilitating key strategies to generate solid results for clients: “Say you want to grow your business into a million dollar enterprise. You look at this one hill for that million, but the one you’re pointing at actually only has $500,000 on it. You’ll never accomplish your goals with that hill. So why not look at this one over here with $100 million on it. You only need to take a small percentage of that hill to accomplish your goal.”

Using the metaphor of the hills, and the ability to visualize them, to represent the client’s interests, Campbell says that Tier One was able to help one client quadruple her income within only a month of working with them. “We never promise such immediate results, but as we see, they’re possible,” he says. “I believe in this case, she always had the capacity to achieve this but the business was not operating at optimal efficiency. We found that the employee’s objectives were not in alignment with organizational objectives, and so what we did was help create parity between what her business needed and what her employees needed. Often our accomplishments come not only from strong strategies but the simple identification of leakages that prevent breakthroughs and tactics to do something about it.”

Campbell is a strong admirer of Tony Robbins and says that his life and approach to business changed forever when he attended the legendary motivational speaker’s “Unleash the Power Within” and “Business Mastery” events. One of Robbins’ key concepts is “taking massive action to achieve massive results” – and Campbell dedicates himself to helping his clients implement key strategic actions to take their game to a higher level.

“I’m looking for growth. That’s the foundation of what we do at Tier One,” he says. “If someone comes to us and is happy with the way his or her business is going, and just needs better numbers, they’re not the client for us. But if they’re ‘this big’ and want to be even bigger than they are right now, let’s plot the course to help them get there. We want to work with high growth companies – and because Jaime and I are running the business, we have a strong affinity for female entrepreneurs and love working with veterans.

“Jaime’s accounting talents can help them secure a brass-tacks foundation to help them make better financial decisions with better tools than they’ve ever had,” Campbell adds, “while I help them see the larger financial possibilities and connect them to investors if that is the appropriate course for their growth. For these clients, one of the unique things we do is provide a dynamic financial model, a DFM that potential investors can explore. The conventional presentation is where someone plugs in numbers with certain assumptions. When the investor asks for a change in assumptions that usually necessitates another meeting after they send the model back to an accountant for updates. In ours, you’re in the live presentation with the potential investor and assumptions changed on the spot flow through the model so investors can get immediate answers.”

While Campbell, who is responsible for Tier One’s client communications, team leadership and business development, is usually the first person a potential client encounters, not all clients will work with him right away. Some will need Jaime’s “outsourced CFO” skills first to get their business running up to speed before they consider working with Campbell on the strategy and growth aspects. As Campbell says, “If an existing business needs to get their accounting system cleaned up, Jaime brings in her team. And if they’ve just funded a new entity, she will come in and create accounting systems and rules.”

He calls Tier One’s outsourced CFO services their “core service,” where “we come in as a strategic advisor at the CFO level. It normally costs a business more than $300,000 a year to have a full time CFO, but most companies don’t need that. We come in with an outsource tag of only $60,000 a year for our mid-tier services, which includes full access to Jaime and her team. She’s legendary at what she does, and while I may be biased, I am highly privileged to work with her.” As an example of her expertise in action, he cites the work she did recently for a medical provider, identifying areas of inefficiency so that the costs for diagnoses could be lowered and more patients could be treated. With clients in twelve states, Tier One’s clientele also includes those in the fields of medicine, music, art, gift cards, retail, IT and electrical repair.

“Jaime and I collectively help our clients become more effective and efficient in all areas of operation,” Campbell says. “I love being the catalyst that introduces solid, growing companies to people who are positioned to invest in new projects. Whether my clients need a million, 19 million or a billion dollars, I am that guy you want to know. I have yet to encounter a question that I can’t find the resource to answer, or a problem that doesn’t have a viable solution.

“My experience with Tony Robbins inspired a lot of my thinking in this area,” he adds. “If you want to live an excellent life, you don’t take good action, you take extraordinary action. And if I want to be extraordinary in this life, I need to be legendary for the people I serve. As I invest more time in self-awareness and development, it’s only natural to share the expertise I have in identifying pathways to success and creating strategies that will ensure that. Jaime and I, along with our dedicated staff, are here with unique ideas because we want to make a difference.”

To relax, connect, and contribute, Campbell enjoys singing in community choirs. He sang in the Collegiate Chorale with Bob Bass at Carnegie Hall and most recently sang tenor for Karl Jenkins Stabbat Mater, which was performed in Princeton New Jersey. He loves listening to barber shop and he is obsessed with personal and human development.

While fans of coloring inside the lines may be challenged by David Campbell’s relentless pursuit of the Next Big Thing, those looking for transformative change are in exceptionally good hands with him at the helm.