Earn 10% by referring us to another leader.

You can now earn a refund of 10% of your regular service fee for three months for every decision maker you refer to Tier One Services. There’s no limit to how much you can save or on how many people you can refer.

When your referral signs up with Tier One Services for services equal to or greater than the services you receive, we will refund 10% of your monthly fee each month for three straight months. So, for example, if two of your referrals engage Tier One Services at the same time, we will refund 20% of your monthly fee for three months. We’ve done the math and we think you’ll be pleased.

E-mail your referrals’ names, company names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers to jcampbellcpa@tieroneservices.net, or have them mention your name when they call us at (844) 884-3766 Ext. 701. We’ll take it from there to make sure your referrals receive a level of service that makes you look good, too.