Partnering with CPA Firms

Is your audit client asking for services that will impair your independence?

Is your firm a tax-only firm looking to refer the monthly non-tax needs of your small business clients?

Is your mid-sized client asking for more management accounting services than your firm can handle?

If so, we’d love to meet with you and find out how we can work together for mutual benefit. We don’t do audits and we don’t do taxes, so we often partner with non-competing CPA firms to help them serve their clients comprehensively.

How We Work with Your Firm

We provide “independence” solutions. Our role is to help the clients you audit, or provide other services to, who are struggling to find quality accounting support. All other client needs; taxes, payroll, audits, strategic planning, etc. will continue to be your service areas. Our focus is on accounting and CFO/Controllership for organizations that do not have an in-house financial executive. We will sign a client specific non-compete to ensure we will not in any way hinder your relationship and revenue stream with your client.

We often have referral opportunities that we can pass to your firm when one of our current clients needs audit or tax work. We enjoy offering our partners new client opportunities, making it a two-way street when it comes to referrals and passing business.

The Benefits of Having Your Clients Utilize Tier One Services

  1. Independence. We ensure your firm remains independent
  2. Realization. Well organized accounting records will translate to a more profitable audit
  3. Solutions. Options for clients who cannot, or do not want to, manage an accounting staff
  4. Value. Clients stay focused on what they do best by letting us manage this for them

“You were incredibly responsive. Constantly throughout this process you continuously e-mailed us status updates. Where I found that helpful, I don’t know if everyone else would. That’s a lot of e-mails, but I like the communication. It was a ‘hit’ for me.”

-President, GSA Services company

Smart Accounting Solution Options

Tier One Services offers a solution to common client problems. Our team will close the books, deliver accurate and timely financial reports and eliminate the hassle of employee turnover, training and managing accounting personnel inside your clients. Our concentration is on the accounting function and we work seamlessly with payroll providers, income tax preparers and auditors.

Options on How to Use Tier One

  • Permanent financial leadership and 100% responsibility for the accounting function
  • Support to an in-house CFO or Controller
  • Outsource options; the entire accounting function or select tasks
  • Managing in-house accounting personnel
  • Taking on interim assignments or special projects

The Next Step

Call us to discuss a specific client need and to understand our support process. We are relationship oriented professionals with significant credentials who utilize technology well.