Working with In-house CFOs

Already Have Sound Financial Leadership?

iStock_000007342968XSmallMany entities need an in-house financial executive; someone skilled at raising capital, cash management, handling banking relationships, working with investors, donors or boards or able to conduct complex modeling. Does that person also need to divert their time and energy toward daily accounting issues; closing the books, managing staff, hiring, hiring and training? Let Tier One handle the accounting and transactional details so the CFO is free to stay focused on the strategic direction.

Let Us Handle the Process

You can manage the information. We can eliminate the effort and re-engineer the cost of maintaining an in-house accounting group. We deliver a scalable team of professionals, at different skill levels, to provide in-house financial leadership with the information they need to make decisions and conduct their analysis.

Accounting Solution Options

Under your leadership we can:

  • Manage your in-house accountants
  • Become 100% responsible for all accounting functions
  • Take over segment(s) of the accounting group

How to Investigate Your Options

The first step is to understand our approach. The next step would be to conduct an assessment. What functions could we assume? Which pieces, if any, do you think you need to retain in-house? What timelines do you need met? What are you getting today that you still want to see? What other information would you like to see? Once we understand your goals and obstacles, our team will create a solution to support your current accounting operations.

Complimentary Consultation

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