Adult Enrichment Centers Case Study

Samantha Kriegshauser, CEO

Adult Enrichment Centers engages and empowers their members through innovation. The Challenge: No online banking, no automation, and billing after services were provided meant their in-house accounting role spent a lot of time on tasks a computer could do. The Solution: A restructuring of the organization in which Tier One Services played a part by automating back-office functions in finance and accounting and streamlining processes.  

Founded in 1985, Adult Enrichment Centers is a nonprofit organization that champions equity for adults of all abilities in York County, South Carolina. They set themselves apart from other adult day care programs with their dignified individual care and innovative, revitalizing programming. 

How does improved accounting help a nonprofit fulfill its mission? Just ask Samantha Kriegshauser, CEO of Adult Enrichment Centers, what their partnership with Tier One Services has meant to the organization: 

  • Timely filing of 990s 
  • Established flat rate payment stabilizing cash flow 
  • Long-range planning and sustainability 
  • Certified Platinum nonprofit on GuideStar 

“With the help of Tier One Services, we’ve turned an unprofitable, non-sustainable organization into a thriving nonprofit ready to build a $1.6M facility with cash.”  Samantha Kriegshauser 

In 2019, Adult Enrichment Centers was $269,000 in the red and consumed with paperwork, which was taking time away from the members. Operating four locations to meet the adult day care needs of adults in their communities was complicated. A manual billing process for collecting program service fees meant months might go by without payments posting. In addition, they were managing a workforce of 42 employees, taking time away from providing services to members. 

Working with a huge number of aging receivables, they had to recreate thirty years of history and gut the back office before introducing the tech stack Tier One Services uses: Dext, BILL, and Xero. By stabilizing the internal segregation of duties, Adult Enrichment Centers obtained strong internal controls to protect against fraud, promoted accurate financial reporting, and helped the accounting team members focus on their area of expertise. Allowing staff use of Divvy cards let management see where people were spending money.  

Special Needs Charity Golf Tournament

With full adoption of the Tier One Services automation processes, their tax practitioner has the information they need to file 990s on time. Adult Enrichment Centers is now recognized as a Certified Platinum nonprofit with GuideStar. By selling a large portion of their buses and outsourcing transportation, they reduced risk. Not overwhelmed with manual processes anymore, they have more direct time with members and families and are operating smoothly with a workforce of 24. Overhead was reduced by switching to ACH withdrawal for member payments and implementing flat rate fees. Their debt is down to $52,000 and they have $800,000 in cash in the bank. 

“My goal has always been to break stereotypes of adult day care. It’s our job to look past what is right in front of me and see more for our members.” Samantha Kriegshauser 

Partnership with Tier One Services not only provided a financial boost to Adult Enrichment Centers, it also enabled them to see more. In addition to the established programming of Thrive (adult health care), Renew (Montessori Center for Aging and Memory), high5 (day programs for adults with disabilities), and Works (job services for adults with disabilities), plans are being made for a school of the arts. This program will champion the creativity, self-expression and independence of adults with limited or low verbal abilities, giving them an outlet to express their emotions through music, art, and drama.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

With the Director of the School of the Arts in place, limited programs have already started while the new building is constructed. When complete, Adult Enrichment Centers will be able to offer the Inclusive Table, a collaborative teaching and demonstration kitchen for people of all abilities. It’s a big dream, but they see more—more opportunities, more creativity, more possibilities. 

Adult Enrichment Centers is ready to build and expand because of increased fundraising and COVID relief funds. The ability to apply for ERC credits was made possible by the processes and structures achieved by working with Tier One Services.  They set up an endowment fund and improved their investments. By changing to a bank that paid higher interest rates and establishing CD and bond ladders, Adult Enrichment Center is now a viable and sustainable organization. 

Dine Out Do Good for AEC

Continuing the process of obtaining grant money became easier through cleaning up their financials. Adult Enrichment Center reduced their reliance on government funding from 67% to 41%. Optimized bookkeeping enabled them to lower overall operating costs by 10% and reduce staffing costs.        

In 2022, they were able to put money toward advertising their services in the community for the first time, expanding into private pay. The Board is highly satisfied with the KPI dashboard created monthly by Tier One Services. The CEO can now spend 50% of her time on fundraising and forward-thinking activities instead of day-to-day operations. 

“I was nervous about virtual services in the beginning because I hadn’t done it before, but it’s worked out so well for us that now I tell everyone to give it a try.” Samantha Kriegshauser 

The services Adult Enrichment Centers received included year-round accounting, system conversion, custom Excel-based tool development, process documentation, and financial modeling, making the CEO a believer. What she learned from this experience was how to look at longer term trends and more clarity navigating the numbers. Because of her new understanding, she has expanded her virtual environment to include Human Resources and a virtual assistant. 

Our Tier One Services team gets the mission, our vision and the passion of where we’re going.” Samantha Kriegshauser   The contributions of Tier One Services combined with the vision, clarity, and tenacity of Adult Enrichment Centers’ leadership puts the organization on track to continue promoting person-centered care, self-advocacy, and independence for its members.