Real-world experiences

Get a feel for how your organization may benefit from working with Tier One Services by taking a glimpse inside some of our client stories.

The Challenge: No online banking, no automation, and billing after services were provided

For Adult Enrichment Centers in South Carolina, this meant their in-house accounting role spent a lot of time on tasks a computer could do. The Solution: a restructuring of the organization in which Tier One Services played a part by automating back-office functions in finance and accounting and streamlining processes. Click the link to read more.

A $3M nonprofit was losing money due to lack of financial clarity

With a single person managing multiple financial roles, Feminist Women’s Health Center in Georgia did not have appropriate financial controls or consistent access to financial data. A conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to Xero and the research and analysis provided by Tier One Services resulted in accurate Balance Sheets and a 45% increase in revenue. Click the link to read more.

Creation of an interactive dashboard enabled effective data analysis

Diverse City Group is an industry leader in the field of diversity consulting. Tier One Services designed a custom interactive Excel spreadsheet that allowed Diverse City to have a visual representation of their profit and loss numbers by job. Click the link to read more.