Make Your Cash Register Ring With LinkedIn / Part 3: The KPIs

So you are clear about the future of your organization, what you want for your future, and who you want to attract to your business to make it all happen. Your profile reflects your goals, language, and style and your portfolio of groups is primed to showcase what you’re up to in life. You’re contributing to your groups, making connections, and posting updates. Until your cash register starts ringing, how do you know you’re on the right track?

“What you can measure you can manage.”

Trust a CPA to bring up numbers in a blog about LinkedIn. But unless you want to go back to the good old days of spatzeering through cyberspace wondering if you’re actually adding anything to your pipeline>, then memorize this phrase.

There are several places to go on LinkedIn to establish pre-cash milestones. Some of them are quantitative, but all of them are specific and observable. Thus we shall observe:

* Top Influencer of the Week
There are two ways to achieve this coveted status in a LinkedIn group: (1) when you post a discussion and enough other people publicly respond to your post, and (2) when enough other people click “Like” on your discussion or your comment on someone else’s discussion. The art here is in utilizing techniques to dependably help you be a top influencer on LinkedIn with very little time commitment. (Think I’m going to give those away in my blog? That’s what my awesome workshop series is for!)

Extra Credit: When you make it into the Top Influencer list for a certain group, click on the “Members” link inside that group and look near the top of the page – you’ll see how many group members there are. Then you will have an idea of the extent of your influence!

* Profile views
On your Home page, check out the right-hand margin. There is a link indicating how many people have viewed your profile in the last x number of days. Get a baseline and start noticing which types of LinkedIn activities generate interest in who you are and what you’re up to.

Extra Credit: Use a spreadsheet to divide number of views by the number of days to normalize the numbers whenever you check them and figure out if you’re getting more hits per day.

* The “How often people viewed you” graph
When you click the link to see who has viewed your profile, you will also see a graph indicating how many people have viewed your profile over a much longer period of time. Notice any patterns? Correlations?

* Keywords that led to you
If you have the paid version of LinkedIn, then on the same screen as above, check out this statistic. You’ll see a series of keywords followed by a series of percentages. How relevant are the top keywords? If they are not relevant, take another look at the language you use in your profile to make sure that the words will help your profile come up in the search results when someone types in those keywords.

Get a baseline. Contribute to the community. And measure the results to see if you’re on track to making a difference even before the connection requests and phone calls start coming in. Know yourself as a person of influence!