The Emotional Accountant

Accounting is is one of the most emotionally salient areas of business. It is coming face to face with “what’s so.”

The most visceral responses I’ve seen are fear and wonder.

The fear isn’t usually about not having enough. Most business owners know what they’ll figure it out with determination. The strongest fear is in taking responsibility, in shifting from possibility to reality. As long as we’re working smart and hard on our plans, we’re working in possibility. Baking those pies, posting those blogs, handing out business cards. Only when we look at the numbers do we dare face the results.

How many pies were purchased?
How many were scrapped?
Which distributors were the most profitable for us?
Did the ad campaign pay for itself?

Only then do we have an opening for action that’s going to get our business where we said we wanted to go.

And the wonder comes with achievement of something new, when we look at our successful results and hear the awakened inner three-year-old shouting,

“Look what I can do!!”