Serve your clients more comprehensively

Whether by forming a strategic alliance with you or by simple referral, Tier One Services will fortify your service offerings, enabling you to grow your business more freely to better meet the needs of those you serve and to serve more.

Does partnering make sense for your firm?

  • Is your audit client asking for services that will impair your independence?
  • Is yours a tax-only firm looking to refer the monthly non-tax services?
  • Is your $1M-$15M client asking for more management accounting services than your firm wants to handle?

We can seamlessly supplement or (in the case of referral) complement your strengths and services. Tier One Services team members no longer provide any audit or taxation services, so we often partner with accounting firms to help them serve their clients more comprehensively.

How we work with your accounting firm


For accounting firms providing auditing services, referral to Tier One Services provides the “independence solution” mandated by CPA standards. During an audit it may become evident by the incompleteness of records or the lack of clarity that your client has struggled to find quality accounting support. With a referral from you, our role is to provide supplemental quality help to your clients.

All other client needs that your firm has been servicing – taxes, payroll, audits, strategic planning, etc. – will remain your purview. Our focus is on accounting and CFO/controllership for organizations that do not have an in-house financial executive. We enjoy growing our network of valued accounting firms and are eager to recommend and receive business opportunities.

Refer Tier One Services for tangible benefits:
• Independence – We ensure your firm remains independent
• Realization – Well-organized accounting records translate into a more profitable audit

Strategic alliance

A strategic alliance with Tier One Services offers opportunities to collaborate with accounting firms in search of business expansion without requiring them to increase their service capacity. With guidance and support from our team regarding client qualification, you’ll bring in the clients and we will serve as their complete accounting department. In addition to increasing your earnings, you’ll benefit from a fortified, cohesive, and harmonious team without committing to staff expansion in order to accommodate the new work (no recruiting, hiring, onboarding, teambuilding, training, or HR activities) because Tier One Services comes fully ready.

As our accounting firm alliance partner, you will have access to our processes and templates deployed for any engagements. These strategic alliances can even be white-labeled so services are provided under your brand and company name.

A strategic alliance as a business growth strategy:

• Bring in more work without the need for staff, HR issues, or services expansion
• Enjoy the profits without the ongoing time commitment of the client work
• Choose the option of labeling our services under your brand