Rave reviews

“Fantastic! Well-organized, well-paced, and comprehensive. It’s great that you make me do it as well rather than doing it faster yourself. I like sharing our screens. It was great to actually do it, not just watch you do it. Customer service; pleasant individual, easy to work with, explain things clearly”

“It’s just made me so much more able to see where my money is being spent, and it’s tremendous. In terms of managing my business it was 100 times more helpful than what I had before…phenomenal. Just the fact that I’m using QuickBooks and how you took the time to make sure I understood what’s going on – not only how it’s reflected in my business but how to use the product – it’s really changed everything for me.

When I brought my file to my accountant for last year ‘it was one of the cleanest QB files he has ever seen.’ The tax prep probably did cost less this year because they had everything they needed.

You understood my business first and what I needed. QuickBooks has 101 things I could use but don’t necessarily need to use them all. If I need to use more, it was just easy to add that one, but I didn’t ask you about that first because I didn’t know I could do that, and it was easy to add it on after. I have an MBA in healthcare administration, and one of the hardest to hire was technology people who could actually communicate. You took the time to understand my business and what I needed to use it for before you started training me.”

“You were very responsive and knowledgeable, and it really was a pleasant experience I also felt that you cared about the heart of it – about understanding what the problem was and finding a solution. You looked outside the box – ‘what if this, what if that’ – you had a full grasp of the situation. You provided training for us; the screenshare was very helpful.”

“You were incredibly responsive. Constantly throughout this process you continuously e-mailed us status updates. It was a ‘hit’ for me.”

Saving money through automation

“We were paying $1,500 per month to a vendor providing manual data entry services. Tier One Services showed us how it could be fully automated, saving us $18,000 per year.”