About Tier One Services, LLC

Tier One Services, LLC is a boutique accounting firm that offers monthly accounting, bookkeeping and support for QuickBooks® as well as outsourced CFO and controller services to businesses. Its sweet spot is business analytics and modeling for the purpose of their clients’ business growth, investment capital acquisition, loan packages, preparation for sale, post-merger integration and many other business goals.

The team at Tier One works like a family and clients become part of the group. Everyone works toward the goals of the client, whether it’s peace of mind, financial abundance, operational freedom, or all of those outcomes. While Tier One is now based in Florida, its clients are located all along the East Coast and throughout the United States.

David Campbell

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In his years as an information technology technician for the U.S. Navy, David Campbell, among other duties, performed hardware and software isolation and repair of state of the art electronic, computer and network equipment and calibrated and repaired a wide variety of precision electronic test equipment.

David Campbell is Kingston, Jamaica born, Portland, Oregon raised, New Jersey educated, and South Carolina based. This visionary thought that when he left the service, his experience would lead to a solid career in IT. But after a huge staff reduction at Businessweek.com, where he served as technical services manager, he made the life-changing decision to invest in his own personal development

The powerful connection Campbell made with a global personal development company in New York City (attending programs designed to help people “redefine what’s possible”) was the revolutionary spark he needed to hone his passion to help people and take his life and career to the next level. More importantly, working his way towards being a coach with the company, he began making a transformative difference in cultivating the dreams of everyone from business people to recording artists – and helping them strategize how to achieve them.

It was the beginning of one of those great American success stories, a path that ultimately led him, in 2011, to launch Tier One Services, LLC, a multi-faceted firm driven by Campbell’s powerful and empowering dedication to mastering strategies that transform the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs and other business people. His purpose and mission is to cultivate sustainable businesses, committed to honoring the dignity of all living things.

Building this firm into a full service business powerhouse, Campbell has become a future scenario strategist helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their ventures, increase efficiency, and spur growth for business owners ready to take their vision to the next level. He is dedicated to the goals of his clients, whether that means peace of mind, financial abundance, operational freedom, or a mix of all those outcomes.

Among the company’s “sweet spots” are deep analytics, financial modeling and strategy for the purpose of business growth, investment capital acquisition, preparation for sale, and post-merger integration.
Campbell’s wife Jaime, an experienced CPA, MBA, and Chartered Global Management Accountant, came on board in 2013, and the company diversified to provide management accounting services, controllership, customized business solutions and service as a client’s economically efficient “outsourced CFO.” Their branding philosophy: “We are what a business partner should be. Your path to profit.”

Campbell is a strong admirer of Tony Robbins and says that his life and approach to business changed forever when he attended the legendary motivational speaker’s “Unleash the Power Within” and “Business Mastery” events. One of Robbins’ key concepts is “taking massive action to achieve massive results” – and Campbell dedicates himself to helping his clients implement key strategic actions to take their game to a higher level.

Jaime was working for a prominent firm in New Jersey when her husband launched Tier One; she was impressed by Campbell’s early success and wanted in. When she joined the company in April 2013, the initial plan was for her to serve as CFO to Tier One – but her role organically developed to the point where the company could offer her “in-house CFO” services for outside businesses, analytical insights, financial modeling, QuickBooks mastery, and consulting. While Campbell helped business owners think strategically, Jaime helped clients go deeper with forward looking financials, analytics and accounting system improvements.

He calls Tier One’s outsourced CFO services their “core service,” where “we come in as a strategic advisor at the CFO level. It normally costs a business more than $300,000 a year to have a full time CFO, but most companies don’t need that. Our mid-tier services include full access to Jaime and her team and are a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO. Jaime and I collectively help our clients become more effective and efficient in all areas of operation. Jaime and I, along with our dedicated staff, are here with unique ideas because we want to make a difference.”

David is a member of numerous organizations:

  • American Legion
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Foundation for the Carolinas
  • Global Economic Initiative
  • York County Chamber of Commerce

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Charloltte Chamber (NC),  acm_logoYork County Chamber

Jaime Campbell, CPA, CGMA, MBA

JaimeCampbellJaime Campbell, CPA, CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant), MBA, is co-owner and CFO of Tier One Services, LLC. Jaime’s passion is to combine her analytical, proud-to-be-a-geek mind with her creative, musical side to deliver accounting information in such a way that clients see their business future in a whole new light. She enjoys creating and nurturing fulfilling relationships with clients that help them achieve their dreams.

Jaime’s not your normal CPA. She’s warm, expressive, friendly, direct, and forward-thinking. Her clients have accelerated their revenues, spotted new revenue opportunities, raised millions of dollars in capital, and profited from new business approaches and processes using Jaime’s models, tools, forecasts, budgets, reports, and consulting.

In addition to being a CPA and CGMA, Jaime has earned the following credentials:

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Certified Technical Trainer
  • Certified Microsoft Master

CPA listShe knows her software and has earned the highest certifications in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Jaime is author of Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 Cookbook for Experts published by Packt Publications. She has been named to the CP “A list” and “Women of Note” of the New Jersey Society of CPAs, where she was a Mercer County Chapter Board member, for “having a continuing impact on the accounting profession in the Garden State and beyond.”

Prior to starting Tier One Services, Jaime has ten years’ experience in a regional CPA firm serving as Director of Specialized Services and was a Business Technology Instructor at Princeton Adult School. She is a member of the American Institute of CPAs, New Jersey Society of CPAs, and the Association for Corporate Growth.

Jaime earned a Bachelor of Music Education, Choral from Florida State University and an MBA in Professional Accounting from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has studied Chinese. When she is not working, she LOVES to exercise (really!), enjoys playing piano and drums (but not at the same time).

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Michael C. Floyd, MBA

Mike FloydMike is a finance leader and executive who prides himself on forward thinking and seeing the big picture, who is excellent at correlating end goals with actionable steps. He sees himself as an integral part of any leadership team, deploying his experience, expertise and wisdom to assist passionate entrepreneurs in finding their rhythm.

Prior to joining Tier One Services, Mike spent his career working in various industries ranging from billion dollar multinational conglomerate Trans Union to medium sized regional business services firms, e-commerce stores, direct to consumer manufacturers, as well as small local non-profit organizations.

He has served on several nonprofit boards, including the National Alumni Association of The University of Tampa where he matriculated.

Mike’s MBA led him into a career within executive leadership, leading both accounting and technical teams. Because of this, his skills span beyond finance and accounting. He is experienced in systems integration, building business applications, business process automation, business planning, sales automation, and project management among the other skills typically found in CFOs.

Mike sets integrity above all other character attributes. He believes in being honest in all matters, even when it is uncomfortable and feels integrity is the only way to address any situation. Secondarily, he also believes most situations can use humor. After all, having fun is the key to good morale and performance. Mike recognizes everyone enjoys laughing and strives to allow his charm shine through at every chance.

As a CFO Consultant with Tier One Services, Mike focuses on delivering the CFO skill set to a variety of niches and is passionate about startups, nonprofits, and religious organizations to help them gain the necessary insights from their data to make the absolute best decisions possible.

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Valerie Paul

ValeriePaulValerie Paul’s mission is to bring workability and peace of mind to her clients while helping them remain true to their personal and deeply-held values. She has more than thirteen years as a banking professional, specializing in financial analysis, management of financial systems, financial software, and reconciliation.

Valerie is known for leaving no stone unturned: she once located and recovered more than half a million dollars for her bank—funds which would have gone unclaimed. Valerie also has experience in operations analysis, streamlining and updating the procedures for multiple departments for more efficient workflow.

Valerie is active in church leadership and secular community affairs. She developed an operational budget that allowed her church to replace their electric organ. A natural born teacher, she currently directs a local children’s choir. She has performed at the Sydney Opera House and was a founding member of the Savannah Flute Ensemble, which performed for the Olympic Torch Ceremony during the yachting events of the 1996 Olympic Games.

Valerie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music and Religion at Florida State University and her Master of Church Music at Samford University in Alabama. When not serving clients, Valerie enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and various musical endeavors.

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Janella Crum

Janella is good at making sure things work like clockwork…tick-tock! She has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida and is Six Sigma certified. With her engineering background, she is able to provide a different perspective to the Client by streamlining their processes. Organizing and documenting process flows is second nature to her. Simplification and optimization of business processes is her specialty.
Her work experience prior to Tier One Services was in manufacturing for a military defense contractor as well as a large supermarket chain. A project that she takes pride in most is a snack food line that she was able to lead from concept to production. This product is still on the shelves and yielded a 13% increase of what was being sold in stores.

She is a dedicated wife and is a mother of two boys. In her free time, she enjoys running, going to the gym, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

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Shantel Olguin

Shantel Marsh“Detail and Order: These are the two main reasons I enjoy accounting”

Shantel graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting. She has successfully worked over 12 years in the finance field as a Bookkeeper, Tax Accountant, and Senior Accountant for small to mid-sized companies.

In 2011 Shantel owned and operated a sole private bookkeeping business where she helped other small “mom & pop” shops manage their finances and keep a good record of expenses and revenues. During this time, Shantel became a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. After closing the business, Shantel worked as a Senior Accountant for a Like-Kind Exchange company producing monthly financials in addition to managing and processing large wire requests with 99% accuracy.

As an Accounting Consultant with Tier One Services, Shantel focuses on recording financial transactions, account reconciliations, and managing receivables and payables in accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero.

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Bob Swetz, CPA

After graduating from Penn State in 1989, Bob became a CPA and went to work for a large international firm and a regional firm in Pittsburgh where he built expertise with internal control design for small, medium, and large businesses.

Bob started an accounting, audit and tax practice in 1994, running it for nearly 15 years and helping businesses of all sizes create business plans, structure tax savings, and enhance general operating practices. Looking to take on a new direction, Bob sold his share of the firm to his partner in 2007 and joined the team of a computer software development company as a supervisor, project managing successful accounting/specialized software implementations.

As a Controller Consultant with Tier One Services, Bob focuses on internal controls, analysis & insights, financial modeling, software research and implementations, and mass bookkeeping rehab/catch-up projects.

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