Earn 10% by referring us to another leader

Use our Contact form to refer us. Choose “I’d like to introduce you to a client or colleague” from the pull-down menu. We’ll take it from there to make sure your referrals receive a level of service that makes you look good, too. When you send a referral our way, if that leader becomes a client, we will send you a “thank you” referral fee of 10% of their first month’s fee. This referral program is available to members of our team, existing clients, and the general public.

Premium Referral Opportunity

If you would like to make a deeper commitment to our team and increase your earnings without increasing your workload, talk with us about Tier One Services’ Premium Referral Opportunity. Generate revenue by referring qualified organizations for recurring monthly engagements and high-impact projects. We’ll provide you with the collateral and other materials to help you identify new business opportunities. You’ll introduce the potential clients to our team and hand off the relationship. You’ll earn as much as 10% of gross revenues paid to our firm for services rendered during the first 12 months of the engagement. Potential clients and opportunities must meet our criteria. To qualify for recurring commissions, referrers must maintain an active referral flow. To learn more use our Contact form and select “Send me information about the Premium Referral Opportunity” from the pull-down menu.

When you participate in Tier One Services’ Premium Referral Opportunity, you’ll receive additional support for greater success:

  • Partner Huddles that review the characteristics of optimal clients
  • The sharing of recent client success stories for use as modeling and for inspiring potential clients
  • Other techniques for pre-qualification
  • Our “inspire + invite” style that supports a warm, efficient sales process and helps uplevel your influence in other areas of life