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There’s no flat salary for any position and earnings are not entirely predictable. These positions are not for anyone who requires a traditional flat salary and completely predictable annual earnings.

Our variable compensation structure provides the opportunity to close the earnings gap for race and gender; it rewards efficiency and creates the environment for higher than standard earnings rates.

If you apply for any position, you may be invited to a live 30-minute webinar fully explaining both our variable compensation structure and our organizational culture of freedom and flexibility on a foundation of unification and workability.

Tier One Services, LLC – Virtual Position – Work from anywhere in the US. 

Tier One Services is an accounting firm that serves as outsourced, year-round CFOs and complete accounting departments for nonprofits and certain for-profits across the United States.

We specialize in high-growth organizations advancing social justice, particularly racial, gender, and intersectional justice. We believe that social change demands financial sustainability.

Tier One Services values and requires both public accounting experienceand expertise with the leading edge of our profession’s technologies.

Tier One Services ensures a tremendous amount of time flexibility for our team. Please also note the following required “business hours” commitments:  

  • Wednesdays at 2:00pm Eastern for 60 minutes
  • Some business hours availability for:
  1. real-time written communications with colleagues or clients
  2. mutually agreed-upon ad hoc video working sessions with colleagues
  3. mutually agreed-upon recurring weekly video trainings with your role Coach and other colleagues in your same role
  4. For CFOs only: mutually agreed-upon weekly or twice weekly video working sessions with clients

Many of our CFOs have opted into our sales training for an additional revenue stream. They receive 10 hours of cohort-based live training, plus twice-weekly transformational coaching based in the philosophy of “selling” as an act of powerful acknowledgement and co-creation, grounded in personal authenticity. Let us know if you would like to join our next sales training cohort.

Communication, client relationships, and training

These roles are remote. We use video calling and an online project management system to serve commercial businesses and nonprofit organizations across the country.

This individual will develop client relationships which are long-term, efficient, and enjoyable. Integrity and joy are treasured in this role.

Video training and on-the-job, team-based learning experiences are available in any of the above areas in which you would like to level up your skills.

Schedule for sales coaching:

  • Tuesdays at 1:30pm Eastern for 45 minutes for structured coaching
  • Fridays at 1:30pm Eastern for 30 minutes for unstructured peer support