An outsourced accounting department focused on improving your financial condition to ensure you’re well positioned to focus on advancing your mission

When you need higher-level accounting and greater financial expertise and guidance, and don’t have the budget to hire a full-time accounting management team, Tier One Services works seamlessly and flexibly as your complete accounting department – either year round or engaged for a defined special project.

Yours is not an ordinary business. You’re concerned, not only with your staff and the people you serve, but with the greater community. We get that. Even your routine accounting tasks can contribute to the good you do. You continually ask: Can we do better? Perhaps your sole in-house bookkeeper has already asked for relief from being overtasked and frustrated. Perhaps your founding CFO-type advisor gets pulled in several directions simultaneously and must juggle the hats of human resources manager, marketing manager, and COO. It sometimes feels a little dysfunctional and it certainly demands a lot of your time and resources, but it’s not at all easeful, intentional, and boundlessly productive.

At Tier One Services, we’re no ordinary accounting team. When we serve as your outsourced accounting department, we fully understand the critical role we play in liberating you to engage more fully in your efforts toward social justice and providing the financial scaffolding to help you create positive change. And, we do that with mindful accounting solutions, a sensitivity to our shared human experience, and an attitude of intention, ease, and efficiency.

Meet a few members of your accounting department.

CFO: The Guide

A Tier One Services CFO co-creates a strong financial future.

Our CFOs produce cash flow forecasts to manage operations, financial models to raise investment capital, budgets for reporting to a Board of Directors, contracts to fairly allocate risk, and strategic plans to support our clients in creating the enterprise of their dreams. Our CFOs provide support to business leaders in areas of compensation equity and unrecognized disparities. We bring people together, identify new opportunities for growth, and champion systems of shared, real-time information flow internally and with external auditors, tax preparers, and investors.

Tier One Services CFOs say: “What if?”

Controller: The Guardian

A Tier One Services Controller brings financial insights and protects organizational assets.

Our Controllers produce dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), revenue trends, insights regarding profitability, effectiveness, efficiency, and areas of risk. We spot when cash is missing and when inventory doesn’t add up. We uncover wasted time and money and proudly present apps, techniques, and streamlining to our clients. We stay on top of reporting deadlines, monitor compliance with processes and policies, and create a process for…everything. Our Controllers work closely with clients to co-design processes that serve both the organization and the folks who work for the organization. The Controller then upholds those processes with care and helps to ensure those processes continue to work well for staff members as they pursue the organization’s higher purpose of social justice.

Tier One Services Controllers say: “Watch out!”

Bookkeeper: The Builder

A Tier One Services Bookkeeper builds a solid financial intelligence database.

Our Bookkeepers don’t just record debits and credits. They create an accounting system that is a treasure trove of financial intelligence powering our clients’ data-driven decisions rather than leaving them to manage by gut. With geek-to-the-max savvy with Xero, Dext,, and other apps, our bookkeepers are responsible for creating the financial statements and reports required for tax, audit, and grant compliance concurrently with detailed management and operational reports.

Tier One Services Bookkeepers say: “It’s complete.”

What can you expect with a Tier One Services’ accounting department?

People first

Yes, we’re money people, but money doesn’t come first. Money plays a critical role in supporting people on their journey to create a better world through the efforts of their organizations and businesses. When considering what’s best for the people in your organization and what’s best for the organization’s financial health, one need not be sacrificed for the other. We see repeatedly that financial sustainability serves as a platform for businesses, empowering them to achieve great things that have a positive effect on people’s lives.

Keep the cash flowing

One of the most challenging tasks of organizational leaders is managing their cash balances. We can help you get the right tools in place so you can stay on top of your cash. Whether it’s setting up the right reporting, creating forecasts, automating cash inflows, or preparing a loan package for your bank, we can help you keep your cash flowing.

Process development and improvement

Effective documentation serves a crucial role in any organization; it creates a repository of transferrable jobs and tasks. Having quality job and task documentation has many benefits. It can mean that things keep humming even when staff members take time off to rejuvenate. It may increase the value of a commercial business seeking a buyer. We’ve found that it also helps cultivate a collaborative mentality that benefits the entire team…and ultimately, those served by the organization. If there are areas in your accounting department that are not effectively documented, we can help you write a standard operating procedures manual for those areas.

We can also take a look at areas within your accounting system that are costing you more than they should be. These could include areas of duplicate data entry, time spent on manual reports, and bottlenecks in general. We’ll suggest improvements that can save you time and money.

Profitability analysis

Do you wonder which product or service line is the most profitable for you? We can perform an analysis of profitability by location, product, employee, or whatever grouping is meaningful for you. This information will help you make better decisions about your revenue mix and make your business more profitable in the long term.

In a similar vein…overspending reimbursable grants is a serious cash flow problem for many nonprofits. We can track and analyze grant stewardship, put controls in place to prevent overspending, and put processes in place to maximize grantor reimbursement.

Business strategy, planning, and budgeting

Do you know exactly what you want your organization to look like in three to five years, but are not sure how to get there? So you can focus on achieving your dreams, we can help you make sense of the financial piece of planning. We can help you envision a road map that moves the organization through the states of financial health: from financial unworkability to workability, to sustainability, to abundance, and finally, to financial legacy.

  • Pipelining and future trending
  • Planning a financially sustainable expansion
  • Evolving the business model to cultivate profitability in alignment with a rich organizational culture
  • Strengthening the business ecosystem
  • Defining and quantifying goals across a spectrum of time horizons, including exit strategies
  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting

Analytical insights and financial modeling

A clear picture of your organization’s economic landscape allows for optimal planning, but it’s also necessary should you need to uncover why your organization didn’t bring in as much revenue as expected or why you’re constantly dealing with cash flow management issues. Put your numbers to work for you. Your organization may benefit from Tier One Services’ analytics and modeling expertise:

  • Financial modeling – Creating custom, dynamic models to show the future financial statements of an organization, as well as fundraising requirements
  • Analytical modeling – Smoothly handling the what if? queries and help addressing questions from potential investors, board members, or existing investors
  • Cash operations – Custom, rolling cash flow forecasting tools to be used by management on an ongoing basis
  • Dashboards – Providing a visual snapshot of what matters most: the KPIs of where you’ve been and your progress toward your biggest goals
  • Technology optimization – Achieving as automated an integration as possible in your accounting software