Analytical insights and financial modeling

A clear picture of your organization’s economic landscape allows for optimal planning, but it’s also necessary should you need to uncover why your organization didn’t bring in as much revenue as expected or why you’re constantly dealing with cash flow management issues. Put your numbers to work for you.

Your organization may benefit from Tier One Services’ analytics and modeling expertise:

  • Financial modeling – Creating custom, dynamic models to show the future financial statements of a company as well as to meet investment requirements – for both what if? scenario planning and capital-raising purposes
  • Analytical modeling – Smoothly handling the what if? queries and help addressing questions from potential investors, board members, or existing investors
  • Cash operations – Custom, rolling cash flow forecasting tools to be used by management on an ongoing basis
  • Dashboards – Providing a visual snapshot of what matters most: the KPIs of where you’ve been and your progress toward your biggest goals
  • Budgets – Crafting annual budgets that reflect the organization’s mission and business objectives
  • Technology optimization – Achieving as automated an integration as possible in your accounting software